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SAdAS is an independent charity which has been in operation for over 30 years. Originally set up by counselors to offer advice and information about alcohol the charity developed in the 90s and was contracted to work with drug users and people who had accompanying mental health problems. Other work followed and we have been very much involved with the housing agenda for the last 15 years or so as homelessness is a big problem in Surrey.

We have always worked within what has become known as the recovery agenda and have always sought to be an integrated part of the services that surrey has to offer. our relationships with other charities and statutory services are important to us.

We currently run services related to drugs and alcohol and also wellbeing work and we still work with housing problems too. We have other areas too including criminal justice work through borough funding and of course we still counsel across the county.

Funders are Surrey County Council, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Supporting People, Public Health England (Surrey), the Big Lottery, Tandridge, Reigate and Banstead and Mole Valley Borough councils and through our social firm Alpha Extreme Services a wide range of smaller funded pieces of work from individuals and organisations alike.

We do not work using a medical model and believe there is a lot of damage than can be done by attaching labels to people. We do believe that people have the power to change given the tools to do so, and this is true whatever previous label may have been attached.

We are not frightened to work with people who others may deem a risk and rely on an honest, integrated and robust approach when working with risk. We have a 30 year history and experience of working in a 1:1 style and a 15 year history and experience of this being via outreach style delivery.

SAdAS is

The Welcome Project - increasing wellbeing for people affected by stress anxiety and depression. In conjunction with Guildford Action, Oakleaf Enterprise and many other local charitable providers SAdAS is increasing involvement and decreasing isolation and helping people to find value in their lives once again. Surrey Heath, Waverley and Guildford are all served by this project. 01483590150 or via http://www.welcomeprojectsurrey.co.uk/welcome.html#1_

The ISIS team - working with drug and alcohol users who want to embark on their own recovery the ISIS team works across Surrey. This team also helps people who are at risk of losing their tenancy and who have complex needs particularly including mental health problems. 01483590150 or via this site.

Reach Out - A counselling service for people who overuse drugs or alcohol because it makes them feel better (in the short term). Very often dependent users are people who are trying to compensate for a huge range of traumatic events in their lives. We can help people gain the skills required to find other ways to deal with and ultimately recover from such events. So if you want to cut down or stop then this is the service for you. Friends and family members are also catered for as individuals in a separate and discreet part of this service maintaining anonymity for the person using. 01483590150 or via this site.

CIAG work - assertive outreach with people who have drug or alcohol problems and who are crashing into the criminal justice system because they don't have any other way to cope with life. Intensive and robust interventions for people who have heard it all before. 01483590150 or via this site.

Alpha Services - a community enterprise offering assertive care packages for people who are hard to reach and engage and who require a bit more than a weekly visit - including life skills, budgeting and maintenance work, and whatever needs doing within our (wide) skill set. 01483 732955 www.alphaextreme.co.uk or via this site.

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