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All our services are based on trust honesty and openness. We recognise that talking about problems and working around drug use requires that our clients trust us and know that information will be treated with respect. We have also found that being honest is the best way to make sure that this trust is maintained. It sounds easy but isn’t. Even when the news is bad then its best to be open and straightforward about it. That way everyone knows where they stand. All staff and volunteers at SAdAS are subject to an Enhanced CRB check.

Our services are split into two main arms. Our outreach services (or pre-recovery) work with chaotic people and in chaotic environments to help people to come to terms with the fact that they need help. Obviously this can take a little time and initially perhaps the problem the client sees isn’t always the same as that seen by others. Eventually though they generally do align, and we can start to move people towards entering into a more therapeutic relationship within our recovery arm. Issues dealt with at outreach level are often tenancy sustainment, mental health and drug and alcohol assessments, criminal justice issues and in nearly all cases a level of advocacy to help people to access treatment services. We also provide Nx services on an outreach basis and are particularly targeted at Heroin and Crack users.

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Our Recovery based services include extensive counselling across the county and a wide variety of group work. We provide over 1600 hours of counselling a year and in many different venues across the county. Our counsellors are all trained in a variety of approaches to dealing with trauma, but are also able to give advice around controlled use for those people who do not want to stop completely. Our groups too are available close to an area where you live.

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Additionally we have been tasked by the 2010 Drug Strategy to help people to leave services. Evidence seems to suggest that recovery is more effective and sustained when the individual has a greater investment into society and so we also focus on extending hobbies and life skills as well as providing opportunities to volunteer and develop skills. So for instance we offer learning an instrument and playing in a band (on a 12 week rolling programme) access to football, a Choir, computer skills and other such activities. We are aligned with other local charities and what we can provide ourselves we can often source through these contacts.

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When you come to us you should expect to be treated with respect but more than that. You should always find a friendly welcome and someone who understands some of the difficulties that people face, be offered a cuppa perhaps and a safe place to talk.

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